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Great NEWS for Arizona Homeowners!

June 1st, 2016: 

Governor Doug Ducey signed SB 1350 into law, groundbreaking legislation that allows home sharing to be a powerful economic tool across Arizona.

SB 1350 set a bold vision for the state: 

…  to make Arizona for the Sharing Economy what Texas is to the Energy Industry,  and Silicon Valley is to Tech.

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Private Rooms or the Whole Home

Offer private rooms, all the way to hosting your whole home, you choose! This could cover your entire mortgage while you live free!

Guest House Income

We all have one that’s sitting there empty! Receive an income while you’re waiting for the annual relative visit!

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Why be a Guest Host?

No matter what kind of home or room you have to share, we make it simple and secure to earn money and reach millions of travelers looking for unique places to stay, just like yours.

You’re in control

With Airbnb, you’re in full control of your availability, prices, house rules, and how you interact with guests. You can set check-in times and handle the process however you like.

We’re there at every step

We do it all, from hospitality, support, maintenance, housekeeping, and answering your questions for success.

These are your Guests:

The conveniences of a hotel, the comfort of home


This guest will be out and about all day enjoying your city

Out of Town Guests

In your city while visiting relatives or friends

Business Travelers
Business Trips

Traveling from out of town is more enjoyable when it feels like home

Team Meetings

Staff will enjoy a full home or apartment for business meetings and collaboration


Ideal for career moves in between cities

Find out what you could make:

I Have a:

How to be a Guest Host:
  • Create your Properties Online Listing using compelling copy written details so Your Property Stands Out Above the Rest
  • Professionally Stage Your Property by Applying Proven Decorating Strategies for Proper Showing and Ease of Use, to Maximize Revenue
  • Shoot Professional Photos that Attract Guests to Your Listing
  • Set Up and Maintain an Optimal Booking Strategy
  • Get Your Property in Front of Millions
  • Attract Guests using an Optimal Booking Strategy

& Everything is Done For You!

As a Guest Host your Short Term Guest Rental will stay in Great Shape:

  • Guest properties enjoy less wear & tear than long-term rentals because most guests are business travelers and tourists.
  • Guests generally dine out so they don’t use the appliances as much.
  • Not to mention, there’s No Pets, Smoking or Wild Parties!

All Guests are Vetted:

A Photo, Phone Number, Email Address, and ID are Verified, and

Reviews are Provided that Keep Everyone Accountable and Respectful.

Maintenance and Basic Repairs are our Specialty!

You don’t have to be a Handyman yourself to provide faucets that don’t drip, or regularly replace the air filters, smoke detector batteries, and light bulbs.

We Do the Housekeeping!

Your home stays spic and span, linens are cleaned and replaced, and soaps and tissue are continuously restocked.

Your Property has Additional Insurance!

“Host Protection Insurance” gives protection against a liability claim, and damage to property and bodily injury has coverage up to $1 million.

We Handle Everything!

Including Keys & Access

Set-up Wi-Fi & Streaming Video Entertainment

Keep Track of Every Booking, Cleaning Schedules, & Maintenance ~ Utilities for homes

Most Expenses Covered by Guests, so You Can Make Money for Doing Virtually Nothing!

Our Guest Host Service Includes:

  • 24/7 Bookings & Reservations
  • Check-in & Access upon Arrival
  • Messages and Questions Answered Quickly
  • Check-out
  • Lost & Found

Welcome Packet & House Manual~ includes:

  • The House Rules (No Pets or Smoking, etc.)
  • Use of Amenities
  • Where to Park
  • Wi-fi Login
  • How to Navigate the Neighborhood and the City
  • List of nearby Restaurants and Transportation

There’s Competition Out There!

We stay on Top of Continuous Improvement to Maximize the Booking Potential of Your Property. We keep the Lines of Communication Open with You the Owner, as well as the Guests Feedback to Implement Profitable Suggestions!

Have Your Property & Parking Space Available for Guests

Determine Your Guest Host Schedule, weekdays and weekends, for the most revenue potential.

Get Paid!

You Could be Receiving Deposits Many Times a Month.

A secure payment system means you never have to deal with money from guests. Payments clear to your bank, or Paypal, within 3 days of arrival on average for Every Guest.

$1,000,000 Host Guarantee
Host Protection Insurance

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Find out what you could make:

I Have a:

The future of Home Sharing is bright in Arizona, and the Grand Canyon state got a little grander.

June 1st, 2016:  Governor Doug Ducey signed SB 1350 into law, groundbreaking legislation that allows home sharing to be a powerful economic tool across Arizona.

Governor Ducey planted the seeds for SB 1350 early in 2016, when he launched a new Governor’s Council on the Sharing Economy and set a bold vision for his state: to make Arizona for the Sharing Economy what Texas is to the Energy Industry, and Silicon Valley is to Tech.

SB 1350, authored by State Senator Debbie Lesko, represents a major step towards reaching that goal. Specifically, SB 1350:

  • Protects the rights of Arizonans to share their homes by guarding against regulations that may unfairly prohibit or target short-term rental activity.
  • Streamlines and simplifies tax collection to make it easier for hosts to pay their share in taxes, and generate new fiscal benefits for public agencies. Homeowners to retain under residential property tax rates, providing predictability in property tax bills.

Altogether, SB 1350 sets clear, consistent and common sense standards so that all Arizonans may participate equally in home sharing across the state.

The Sharing Economy refers to Services Provided by Other People
and are often Facilitated by Technology companies,
which Supply a Management Platform and Communication Route
Between Service Providers and Service Seekers.

According to the signed executive order, an estimated $335 billion is expected to come from the sharing sector worldwide over the course of the next decade. At the moment, around $15 billion is attributed to this sector in the global economy.

The governor of Arizona is dedicated to improving opportunities for creation and innovation, and laying the groundwork for job growth in the state.

Request a Backyard Studio Rental!

Find out what you could make:

I Have a:

Guest Hosting provides a way to do the things I want”

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